Best Time to Take Iron Tablets During Pregnancy

Best Time to Take Iron Tablets During Pregnancy

During pregnancy time, the use of iron supplements can increase the hemoglobin level of mother and also lower the risk of mother becoming anemic. The best iron supplement for pregnancy may also resulted in the baby being on average 41.2g heavier at birth and decreased the hazard of low birth weight by 19%. Commonly, women want to increase the iron during pregnancy and must be able to obtain all the iron that they require in their diet. Due to this, the iron supplements are highly recommended for pregnant women in these days.

What to look for in an iron supplement?

When you buy the iron supplements for pregnant women, first of all, you have to narrow down the ingredients that will benefit you and assist you to make a wise decision while picking an iron supplement. Before making your purchase, below are some of the essential things that you must look for:

The amount of iron

During pregnancy, women should have 27 milligrams of iron per day. You should also remember that this will not only come from this supplement, rather your body will absorb iron from some foods as well. As a result, the lower dose in such supplement is fine as well as you are obtaining iron from your diet.


Most of the iron supplements consist of vitamin C and other vitamins such as vitamin B9, i.e. folates and vitamin B12. The vitamin C will also support the absorption of iron, while B vitamins can greatly assist to prevent the birth defects such as central nervous system disorders and spina bifida. Folates also assist with the creation of red blood cells that help to prevent anemia for mother.

Different forms of iron

In iron supplements, you will discover different iron sources such as ferrous fumarate, elemental iron and ferrous sulfate. You may simply discover one form that suits you greater than other. If the one you select offers you more side effects, then you must change to a different type supplement. In fact, your healthcare provider must be able to advise you as which kind of iron you want during pregnancy.

Capsule, tablet or liquid

The iron supplements typically have metallic taste and some capsules as well as tablets can be large. If you discover that you cannot swallow what seems like a horse pill, then there are alternative options of chewable tablets and liquids available.

Best Time to Take Iron Tablets During Pregnancy

Lists of best iron supplement for pregnancy

Of course, iron is a most essential mineral that wants your body while pregnant. Here are the top picks of the best iron supplement for pregnancy available that includes:

Blue iron liquid mineral supplement

This iron supplement is flavored with blueberries that available in liquid form. This blue iron supplement is highly suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as best for hopeful mothers. Its recommended dosage to take per day is 15 millimeters that will supply 25mg of iron. The addition of vitamin C, E and B12 will improve the formula and also enables you to absorb the iron more easily and also boost up the production of hemoglobin. In addition to, it contains biotin that highly supports the health of your unborn baby.

Mega food blood builder

This iron supplement is from mega food that makes you feel gentle on the stomach and do not cause constipation. It consists of 26mg of iron and also has vitamin C to support the iron absorption and presence of folates and vitamin B12 can support the pregnancy health. Now, this supplement is available in four different sizes from 30 numbers to 180 tablets in a bottle. This is best; because you can save money by purchasing in bulk. This supplement has no dairy and gluten free, so it is highly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Natures plus chewable iron

The chewable iron supplement is flavored with cheery and raspberry that will deliver a dosage of 27 mg of iron per tablet. It is highly suitable for vegetarians; because they are gluten free. The addition of vitamin C will greatly assist your body to absorb the iron it requires from this product. Another good thing about this supplement is completely free from colorings and preservatives. The recommended dose of this supplement is one tablet per day. There are 90 tablets in a bottle that should last for three months.

Garden of life iron complex

This iron supplement is certified vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and also fully made from natural plant products. It is usually delivered in a single capsule that measures less than one inch. This supplement consists of vitamin C, B12 and folates. It is easily digested one and does not even upset your stomach. Also, it consists of enzymes and probiotic that could assist your digestive health. In addition to, this could highly support the good bacteria in your stomach as well as support with constipation or diarrhea.

Rainbow light iron mini-tabs

This is a food based iron supplement that available in tiny tablets, which delivers 30 mg per single dose. This supplement is also gluten free and greatly suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The prune, fig and raisin powders are added in this supplement that helps the digestion and the presence of vitamin C helps absorption. Even the company has been very thoughtful in assuring the package is BPA free as well as fully recyclable. Overall, the ingredients of this supplement are natural.

Best Time to Take Iron Tablets During Pregnancy


Therefore, maintaining your health as well as your baby is more important during pregnancy. When you attempt to keep your diet as healthy as you can, the above mentioned lists of best iron supplement for pregnancy are a perfect key for you. Definitely, all these iron supplements may be part of an essential component of your day-to-day regimen. Furthermore, these iron supplements are greatly suitable for kosher, vegans and vegetarians; because they only consists of needed iron content of 27 mg as well as vitamin C for absorption. The additional bonus of folates and B12 can help your well-being and baby growth.