Hair Bob With Bangs is Celebrities Hairstyle Trends in 2013

Hair Bob With Bangs is Celebrities Hairstyle Trends in 2013

Celebrities Hairstyle – Latest Celebrity Hair Styles trends for 2013. Follow the latest celebrity hairstyles and hair fashion from celebrities in the world and gets your inspirations.

In the era of 20s hair bob with bangs super short to be a trend at the time. Now, the pieces are very short bangs back into the trend. But if you berkening width, should avoid pieces such as the exposing your forehead. The following micro-short bang inspiration from the celebrities.

  1. Rooney Mara Celebrities Hairstyle 2013

Rooney Mara cut her hair for the sake of the movie ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ at the time. Hair and bangs super short is actually became a trend.

  1. Marion Cotillard Celebrities Hairstyle 2013

Marion Cotillard has a hair in a bob with bangs super short. Display of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is looking fresh and young thanks to her hair.

  1. Michelle Williams Celebrities Hairstyle 2013

Hallmark of ‘My Week with Marilyn’ is short hair with short bangs. If you want to change the look, hair style echoes the Michelle Williams, pixie cuts and very short bangs.

  1. Emma Watson Celebrities Hairstyle 2013

Emma Watson also has the same piece with Michelle Williams. Super short bangs deserve paired with a pixie haircut.

  1. Jennifer Goodwin Celebrities Hairstyle 2013

One more famous actress with a super short hair. Jennifer Goodwin that he is cut out her bangs.

  1. Christina Aguilera Celebrities Hairstyle 2013

Christina Aguilera also had to use the super short bangs. With blonde hair color, wavy and short bangs improve retronya side.

  1. Suri Cruise Celebrities Hairstyle 2013

Inspiration does not just come from the celebrities adults only. You can imitate haircut baby from Suri Cruise. Daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s long hair with bangs super short.