How to Get Shiny Hair Naturally With Hibiscus

How to Get Shiny Hair Naturally With Hibiscus

Best way to get shiny hair naturally, you can use the hibiscus to make your hair looks more shiny and beautiful, please read this full article from how to gets shiny hair naturally in below.

Shiny black hair we often see in shampoo ads. Unfortunately using the shampoo is not enough. Even inside the womb can make your hair lose its natural luster. Expensive hair treatments are also not guarantee your hair will radiate beauty back.

Natural treatments are known since the days of our ancestors, is able to maintain the natural beauty of the famous ancient women have thick and long hair shiny. But of course, this treatment should be done regularly, yes, Ladies. So the results you get will be satisfactory, and the natural beauty of your hair always radiated.

This time you can use hibiscus plants. Plants with a pretty pink flower is proved to have beneficial flavonoid good to bring up the color and sheen of your hair naturally.

You can make a traditional herb for hair by using this plant. It’s easy. You simply mashing smooth some hibiscus leaves. Mixed with water and shake for five minutes. After that, strain the pulp. Add lime juice to the water solution of the hibiscus leaves .. Apply on your hair with a massage.

Rinse with water and shampoo as usual. Perform these natural treatments twice a week. Your hair will radiate beauty and natural sheen in a few weeks. Do not be surprised if your hair will be the center of attention. Good luck, ladies.