How to Prevent and Overcoming Acne When Pre-Menstrual syndrome

How to Prevent and Overcoming Acne When Pre-Menstrual syndrome

Many factors can cause acne, but generally acne in women arise mensturasi ahead. It happened because the conditions were not senimbang hormone, which causes excess production of oils and fats. Acne is due to hormonal factors can also occur during puberty and pregnancy. To prevent and overcome it, see the tip of the All Women Stalk following.

1. Prevent

Prevention is better than cure. Not only to disease in the body, the message also applies to skin diseases such as acne. To that end, before the hair should apply acne cream or more diligent in cleaning your face with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

2. Reduce Eating Junk Food

Reduce oily food and junk food as before menstruation. Foods that contain oils stimulate acne to come out. The best way to deal with acne due to hormonal influences is with a healthy diet. Multiply eat vegetables and fruits as detoxification or removal of body toxins.

3. Supplement

Eating healthy foods can give a nice change for the skin and health. For maximum results, take supplements or vitamin supplements such as zinc or fish oil. Supplements can control the oil and detoxify the skin.

4. Keeping Cleanliness

Daily skin care is very important, to prevent more acne. Do not just wash your face at least twice a day, but also maintain the cleanliness of the towels and pillowcases. Replace towels and pillowcases at least once a month. And do not forget to wash your hands before touching your face.

5. Green tea

Tea as a beverage known toxic waster, similarly with double green tea is beneficial for healthy skin condition. The content of green tea may fight inflammation, improve hormone levels and insulin balance that contribute to acne.

6. Consulting with Doctor

If acne is considered severe, you should consult a dermatologist. Proper treatment can cure your acne to the fullest.