Unique and Weird Celebrity Shoes at Paris Fashion Week

Unique and Weird Celebrity Shoes at Paris Fashion Week

New shoes trends for 2013 at Paris Fashion Week pictures collections. This new shoes looks Unique and weird. See new Weird High Heels Shoes from Chanel and other designer in below.

Creative designers at fashion week does not just apply to clothes but also accessories supporting performances, such as shoes. At Paris fashion week this time, the shoe model is unique and tends to freak too much filling stage mode. Like what?

Unique and Weird Celebrity Shoes at Paris Fashion Week

1. Chanel Unique and Weird Shoes

Knee-high boot shoes or boots high until sedengkul dikreasikan with more edgy by Karl Lagerfeld. Chain and stud detail adds a ‘grunge’ in urban themed collection inspired space.

2. Acne Unique and Weird Shoes

If Chanel shoes offer yange edgy, Acne creative with footwear actually sweet and feminine. Flat shoes are made of colorful tulle, like the dance ballet tutu skirt.

3. Alexander McQueen Unique and Weird Shoes

Alexander McQueen fashion house presented a collection inspired by the luxurious Renaissance. Not only the rich detail dress, the shoes were wrapped with pearl detail and iron.

4. Stella McCartney Unique and Weird Shoes

Statement boot also be highlighted in the collection of the British designer, Stella McCartney. This leather boot comes with a thick, jagged soles, looks so masculine.

5. Vivienne Westwood Unique and Weird Shoes

Shoes with thick platform was also created by the eccentric style designer, Vivienne Westwood. Not only is the boot, thick heels also dikreasikan a pump shoes.